"I'm living my dream"

My name is Gabriele Mülhoff, I am an independent business woman and mother of two grown children. With 44 years, I was torn by a heart attack from my everyday life. Out of the blue I realized: "Live here and now." to "search" free from any constraints, something, things took their course itself.

 Childhood memories of holidays in Majorca with the parents were awakened, and I fell in love again with the wonderful island. Whenever I could, I discovered . I quickly realized the island with my bike. I learned to know my physical limits and overcame this with the help of e-bikes. Now I can achieve any goal I would like to share this newfound quality of life with a lot of people.

"A man just in case" (Photo of the technician in his workshop), (still in progress)

Christian, I am a trained bicycle mechanic and workshop manager and her contact for all matters relating to the bicycle repair. Accurate cost estimates and error terms are one of my strengths, ass they will already see during the first contact.
Repair and pickup times I realise as the client wants to.

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